Thursday, 8 December 2016

An Ode To Death

Oh! Beloved I so miss thee,
Never met but still so much I love thee,
Longing for an embrace,
Know the peace, i would get me,
I dream of it to be not too hard,
But a soothing touch,
Cradling me in like a baby,
Soothing me in gently.
The darkness excites me,
The freedom thou provide entices me.
The day we shall meet,
I promise to be yours eternally.
The day we meet,
o! beloved come soon as I wait thee,
Having always loved the mistress,
That lured me.
Making me want to be with her eternally.
Now I know what love feels like,
I want to embrace thee.
Get in the unknown,
Why O' Why art you always thought of in black,
Why does everyone so despise thou,
Why are thou always the end.
Why Shan't you be the beginning?

Saturday, 3 December 2016

ભરી લઉં  આંખો મા જિન્દગિ,
કૈદ કરી લઉં પાંપણો મા,
એ મીઠાં પળો નો રસથાળઃ,
કે બાકી છે ક્ષણ ભર જિન્દગિ