Thursday, 8 December 2016

An Ode To Death

Oh! Beloved I so miss thee,
Never met but still so much I love thee,
Longing for an embrace,
Know the peace, i would get me,
I dream of it to be not too hard,
But a soothing touch,
Cradling me in like a baby,
Soothing me in gently.
The darkness excites me,
The freedom thou provide entices me.
The day we shall meet,
I promise to be yours eternally.
The day we meet,
o! beloved come soon as I wait thee,
Having always loved the mistress,
That lured me.
Making me want to be with her eternally.
Now I know what love feels like,
I want to embrace thee.
Get in the unknown,
Why O' Why art you always thought of in black,
Why does everyone so despise thou,
Why are thou always the end.
Why Shan't you be the beginning?

Saturday, 3 December 2016

ભરી લઉં  આંખો મા જિન્દગિ,
કૈદ કરી લઉં પાંપણો મા,
એ મીઠાં પળો નો રસથાળઃ,
કે બાકી છે ક્ષણ ભર જિન્દગિ    

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pao rakh kar kabaro par
baste toh shaher khandaro ke hi hain
Phir bhi rakhte ho guman
Murdo ki iss basti mein
Ke chadha ke deewro par rang gulab ka
Na hain ab hawa main woh mausiki na hain fiza main mohabbat
Bana jo ab tajmahal in laasho par
Hoga koi jo aayega bikherne phool
Aur apne saath ke kuch pal is mzar par
Reh jayenge hum akele un khushnuma deewaro mein kaid
Aur na hoga koi tumhara bhi
Jo sarahe tumhare in khushnuma khandar ko
Ke gadh jaoge tum bhi apni laash ke saath
In khushnuma khandaro mein apni akeli yaadon ke saath

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

मेरे ख़यालो की दिल्ली

जो हमने सुना था , था पढ़ा,
न पाया उसे आकर इस नई दिल्ली में,
सोचते थे आ बसेंगे ग़ालिबो मीर व मोमिनों , जौक की उस दिल्ली में,
पाई वोह शोखिया कुछ अंशो मे,
जो देखि तो बस बड़ी गाडिया,
और उस्से भी बड़ी इमारते,
और उस्से पाने की जद्दो जहद,
में भागता हर आदमि,
ईस नई दिल्ली मे,
किया  गर्क  जो बेडा ,
iss dehli aur tamize dehli ka is nai dilli ne,
paya hum ne kafi,
kam ansho mein dehli ko,
dhund dhund kar is nai dilli mein.
adbo shaukh ki uss dehli ko,
aankho mein liye ashko ko chala mein,
soch ki iss adab ki yeh akhri chand sanse na ho!
par liye dil me umeed hum aye,
laut kar us dehli me,
jahan mehfilo me,
udne wali dad ki gunj,
shayro, kaviyo aur dastango,
ki sajnewali mehfile,
rahe udti us hawa mein,
darakhto mein aur logo ke khoon mein,
iss adab ki khushbu.
Laut ke aye iss bhid e nai dilli mein mere woh,
kitabo, kahaniyo aur itihaso ki dilli

Saturday, 27 December 2008

A new beginig

Yonder lies a rainbow,
That I always dreamt of,
A pot of gold that I always thought of to be mine,
A child like enthusiasm in my sight,
A dream that I dreamt every day and every night,
I grew up but my dreams did not,
I am still a dreamer,
In search of my treasure,
Crossed some springs and thought of faring heavy seas,
Life's lessons are very deep and every storm,
Is a gush in comparison to the coming winds.
I live another day with my dreams,
Hoping someday they will be a reality,
I see all the seas as only rivulets of water now ,
A stop for me to refresh and move a fresh.
As the distance is long and the roads are lonely
And me still a wanderlust on my path in this life,
Searching for my pot of gold.

These lines just about describe the journey of my life till now a journey that has been very enlightening I would like to say.
I call this a new begining as this a new branch from the tree of my life that is germinating today and making me anxious to see where it leads me or will it also die a premature death of its own pre maturely like many other things that I started and never finished.