Saturday, 27 December 2008

A new beginig

Yonder lies a rainbow,
That I always dreamt of,
A pot of gold that I always thought of to be mine,
A child like enthusiasm in my sight,
A dream that I dreamt every day and every night,
I grew up but my dreams did not,
I am still a dreamer,
In search of my treasure,
Crossed some springs and thought of faring heavy seas,
Life's lessons are very deep and every storm,
Is a gush in comparison to the coming winds.
I live another day with my dreams,
Hoping someday they will be a reality,
I see all the seas as only rivulets of water now ,
A stop for me to refresh and move a fresh.
As the distance is long and the roads are lonely
And me still a wanderlust on my path in this life,
Searching for my pot of gold.

These lines just about describe the journey of my life till now a journey that has been very enlightening I would like to say.
I call this a new begining as this a new branch from the tree of my life that is germinating today and making me anxious to see where it leads me or will it also die a premature death of its own pre maturely like many other things that I started and never finished.